The Comedy Shuffle

Every Monday @ 8PM @ DC Comedy Loft (Bier Baron Tavern)


Mondays suck and this is the anti-Monday show. It’s craziness. It’s hilarious. It’s chaos. This is a free-for-all comedy show open to anyone who wants to sign up (3 min and 5 min slots). So, there will be beauty, but there will also be train wrecks.

HOWEVER, to keep these comics honest, we’ll also have a seasoned comic interrupting them. If the comic on stage is sucking, they’ll get ripped to shreds, but, they might also get new tags for their jokes. It’s a way to make sure comics bring it and a way to give you an incredibly enjoyable and unique entertainment experience.

Tickets are free.

The show is in the basement room of the DC Comedy Loft (Bier Baron) every Monday at 8pm. Doors and sign-up at 7pm.

​Our Shufflers
1st Monday – Chelsea Shorte
3rd Monday – Tim Miller
2nd & 4th Mondays rotate

For Comics
The line fills up early; many comics arrive before 5:00pm.

Guidelines for The Shuffle:

  • Buy 1 thing to get on–put your receipt in the bucket (receipt goes in bucket before you write your name down; do not write other people’s names down);
  • 1-5min set depending on how it’s going;
  • 25 comics max;
  • 5 reserved spots;
  • List out at 7.
  • Banter with Shuffler is strongly encourage; however, please do not shit on them or the show.
Venue Accessibility

Into venue: 10 stairs up, barred door handle, then 10 stairs down; Into venue: 10 steps up, with handrail. Door pulls out.

Into showroom: 10 stairs down, with handrail
*Accessible entrance with no stairs available upon request [Note how to request this]
*Restrooms are adjacent to showroom and don’t require additional stairs