Free Comedy Saturdays

Friday, May 10, 2019

I’m pumped about our newest free weekly stand-up show: “14th & Funny” on Saturdays at 8pm at Cafe Saint-Ex, near U Street. Why am I so pumped? The reasons are myriad. Myriad!!!

First of all, it’s Saturday night. That was the only night of the week on which we didn’t have a show, so we now have FREE weekly comedy shows every single night of the week. Thus our new slogan: “Not your everyday stand-up show. Every day.” (See the grammatical difference between “everyday” and “every day” here.

What makes our shows so not everyday? They’re awesome, that’s what. Let’s face it: a lot of comedy shows are lackluster. Not ours. We have quotes on TripAdvisor, Google and Yelp to prove this, but I won’t bore you with other people’s quotes when I can bore you with my own. I happen to like our shows. How’s that?

Second, it’s free to attend. FREE. Does this denote shitty quality, you might wonder? Absolutely not! And we save the Saturday night show for the best talent in town. Our premier show (tomorrow, May 11, 2019) will feature Bridget Gieran (DC Improv), Alex Barbag (Kennedy Center) and Steven Chen (Church Night), among other local favorites.

Third, we used to have a kick-ass show at a venue on H Street on Saturday nights, but unfortunately the management went insane and allegedly were small arms dealers in Ukraine or something and they got shut down. Our show was the most legit thing going on there. My point is that it’s nice to return to providing a free Saturday option, and at a venue with no known foreign entanglements.

In truth, we may only offer this for free for the first few weeks. We’ll see. If it’s just too awesome and we have to turn people away (reserve your seat by registering here), we may end up charging for tickets. So don’t miss your chance to see it for free in the coming weeks and, if you do and we start charging, you’ll know you’re getting a great product. Cause you are. Got it?

See you tomorrow at the corner of 14th & Funny.