Want to Perform?


We send out two weekly emails to more than 1,300 comics; one with the sign-up protocol (Thursday night) and one with the bookings (by Wednesday evening). Because of the timing of our pre-sign-up shows, our booking week runs from Monday to Sunday. This means when you get the booking email Thursday night, you are requesting time for the Sunday that is 10 days away. The performance listserv sign-up form is at the bottom of this page.

If you are new to comedy or the area we ask that you help us get a big crowd by talking to folks on the street (“barking/flyering”), inviting friends (“bringing”), coming in with a rec (“being a working, funny comedian”), submitting a funny tape or helping us market in another way. You can sign up for the email list below; however, you should read the rest of this page before you do.


If you are an out-of-town comic, please fill out the doodle (in the Thursday email the week before you are planning on coming to town) and check “Out-of-Town Comic.” We’ll be able to give you at least one spot. However, a facebook message/email is helpful to remind us; if you’d like to do more than 1 spot or do a paid spot, please submit a tape and shoot us a message.


Capital Laughs treasures our community’s humor and the comedians we book to offer their time and talents and to make people laugh. We have to support each other, so in that spirit, we insist folks we book treat our community members with respect, refrain from race-based, sex-based, sexual orientation-based, gender identity-based, national origin-based, religious-based or any other-based harassment. It is wrong; it will not to be tolerated; and it is so unnecessary when we have a town full of politicians we can disrespect on stage. Srsly, though, you should know that we will not tolerate these behaviors and will not book comedians who we determine either engage in them, encourage them or fail to let us know when others do. We are not your mother or your boss, but we are telling you how we feel and what we will do. Did something happen at a show that made you feel uncomfortable? You can anonymously report it here. Or tell Elena or Jack. 


We book comics regardless of age, race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification or any other protected category. To ensure the audience has a diverse and original entertainment experience, when booking shows, we consider voice, perspective and if you’re funny or not.

We have a fair, but not equal, booking system. A few times a year, all of the hosts, based on a list of everyone who has requested time in the past 4 months and everyone who submits a tape for consideration (~250 people last time), answer the following question: Do you want this person to do a 10 minute set on your show? From these votes we compile a list of passed comics, not totally more than 70. If these comics request a spot, they’ll get it, with preference for paid spots, provided they show up on time (see below).

Please be at all shows 30 minutes before start time if barking or bringing and 15 minutes before for all other comics. Please text the host/Noah if you are running late; if you are doing an 8-10 min set and are late to the show, we will have to shave your time a bit; we will do our best to hold you spot until 9:00, but we cannot guarantee this. If you arrive after this very late and generous cut off, we won’t put you on. We take comedy very seriously and expect our comics to as well, so please show up appropriately dressed. We won’t put you on if, we don’t think you are professionally dressed.

We want to help new comics get better and get in our rotation, so, we offer many different ways to get on a show. Here are show guidelines:

Each show typically has:

  • 10 passed comics (5 and 10 min sets)
  • 1-2 comics helping the show (4-5 mins)
  • 0-2 out-of-towner (4-5 mins)
  • 0-1 host exemptions/host choice (4-5 mins) — arrive before call time

Most commonly asked question: But, but, I’m not getting time on shows, what am I doing wrong?

Please consider all of the following before emailing us:

  • Have you offered to help promote the shows in any way?
  • Have you killed lots of times at The Comedy Shuffle?
  • Have you been performing for years?
  • Did you fill out the doodle correctly?
  • Did you check your spam folder?
  • Have you come by a show?
  • Do we know who you are?
  • Did you submit a tape?
  • Are you funny?